Welcome to Washwell :-

Shri Devilal Somani is the chairman of the company. The company benefits from his vast experiences of more than 35 years in various fields and business. He has been the leading force behind the development of the group from scratch to the prison it is in today.

The board of directors is supported by very professional & dedicative team of experts from various related field. Company is professionally managed by CA, Engg, and MBA other technically expert.

Company vision is to establish top ranking in supply of Each category of its products.

Company has its following mottos.
• Consistent quality of its product.
• Timely supply to our customer.
• Competitive rate of its product.

History of Soap in India

During the British rule in India, Lever Brothers England introduced modern soaps by importing and marketing them in India. However, North West Soap Company created the first soap manufacturing plant in India, which was situated in the city of Meerut, in the state of Uttar Pradesh. In 1897, they started marketing cold process soaps.* During World War I, the soap industry floundered, but after the war, the industry flourished all over the country.

For almost a decade, Washwell as Banwari Gramodhyog Santhan has been a leading supplier of Soap Noodles, Detergents, Glycerine & Bio-Diesel. Our catalog features some of the finest Bath soaps, Toilet soaps,Beauty soaps, Natural soaps, Glycerine soaps, Organic soaps,Detergent powder, Detergent cake and Glycerine Products on the market today. Washwell is the biggest exporter & suppliers in Soap Noodles. We invite you to indulge in your favorite extravagance while you bathe with the purest essential oils and herbal extracts. Pamper yourself or please your partner with our endless supply of and French soaps. Upgrade your bathroom decor with a collection of our wide variety of decorative soaps that are available in many colors, shapes and sizes. Liven up your special event with personalized gifts filled with luxurious bath and body products. American Soap Company offers a wide variety of unique favors and gift bags that are perfect for any baby shower, bridal shower, wedding, birthday party, anniversary or a romantic occasion.